PMP certification is recognized in every country at a global level. Call it a global language, the PMP certification Gurgaon is no different from that offered in any other country. Because of its universal nature, the criterion for taking up the certification remains the same in every country.

If you are a PMP certified professional, you can work in almost any environment in a most professional way using innovative methodologies and profitable strategies.

Things to Consider before the Certification
While you are in Gurgaon keep this in mind before taking up the certification:

  • Make sure that the institute you have chosen for training offers guidance in any one of the three modes, which is online learning, Classroom training, or live or instructor- led training.Also, you must follow certain steps before getting actually enrolled:

You must know the profile of your instructor before taking the training.

  • Check for the availability of online practice papers with the institute to check your
  • actual learning and the capability to appear for the examination.
  • Check for the institute that offers at least two to three hours of dedicated support
  • that is required for the attaining of the certification.
  • For a better score in the certification examination, the classroom training should be
  • more engaging. Search for the institute that takes your participation as a priority.

Certification Cost Gurgaon
Like the certification criteria, certification cost also remains the same irrespective of the place where you stay or take the certification fo0072m. The certification cost varies for members and non-members of PMI. For the professionals, those who have taken up the PMI membership, the cost for taking up the certification is $405 and for there counterparts, it is $555.

For taking the membership for the PMI you need to pay $129 and one-time charges of $10.

You can take up a maximum of 3 attempts if you fail in the certification examination for the first time. The cost for the re-examination is also different for the members and the non-members that are $275 and $372 respectively.

PMP Examination

After you have successfully gained the confirmation of your application status, you can schedule your examination within one year.

  • The scheduling of the exam has to be done on the Prometric website.
  • The exam is a 4-hour test that has 200 questions.
  • It is a multiple-choice test and the pass and fails results are declared as soon as the
  • exam is over.
  • You can take the test for a maximum of three times if you fail in the first attempt.
  • The fees for retaking the examination varies from PMI member to Non-member.
  • The retaking fees are $275 for the members and $375 for the non-member.
  • The confirmation for the qualification for the certification will be sent to you via the mail. And, the use of the PMP credentials can be made immediately after you receive the confirmation.

The PMP Certification exam is largely based on the PMBOK guide. One can easily take advantage of this concept and the topics mentioned in the guide as the roadmap for qualifying the test. You must complete the topics mentioned in the guide first and then take up other modes of self-studies. Having a thorough knowledge of the concepts in the PMBOK will help in improving the understanding of each topic in the most precise manner.

Benefits for taking up PMP certification
This certification adds a start to your resume and gives you an upper hand among the other aspirants. Moreover, this helps in gaining better job opportunities and higher salaries as a project manager.

Having taken the certification gives you the ability to face the real-time challenges and bring better results in a fixed time interval and in the specified budget.

There are certain reputed software industries like the Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, Infosys, and the like that hire only the certified professionals as their project managers.

Other Benefits
The benefits of taking up the certification are many, some of them include:

Expansion in Market Reach
The person taking up the certification can be sure of the fact that he is going to attain global recognition. PMP certification allows the professionals to learn the global language that helps them handle tricky projects efficiently and with much ease and make a good name in the international market.

Dealing with Challenging Projects
The training in the classroom that helps the professionals to work in real life situation help them to take up any task and manage the workforce accordingly with much efficiency.

Average Annual Salary
Definitely, the salaries of the certified project managers get a boost of around 20 percent. It must be noted that the project managers working in Delhi are offered the salary package of INR 5,90,092 that counts for around 32 percent higher than the average salary of the nation.

Whereas, when it comes to Gurgaon the annual salary is INR 6,68,880 that makes around 50 percent higher than the national average salary.

Certification Renewal
The PMP certification needs to be renewed in every three years and by paying a certain amount of fees and gaining the required PDUs.

For the non-PMI members, the renewal fees are $150 and $60 is for the non-members. Other than this, Continuing Certification Requirements has made it mandatory for the professionals to obtain the required number of the PDUs to get the certification renewed. The required number of PDUs are at least 60.

Not only the professionals but also the employers are equally benefited by hiring the certified professionals. The certified professional can organize the man force in a positive way in order to give promising outcomes. Also, due to the wider network offered by the PMP certification, the professionals get a chance to earn higher salaries as high as 20mpercent more than their non-professional counterparts.

Not only attaining certification leads to your professional growth, but it also builds your personal credibility and confidence. You feel capable enough to handle projects that require keen observance and management skills.