Do You Think There is Need of 360 Feedback Programs?


Since the competition is soaring rapidly and businesses are emerging every week, you have to make sure that your employees, staff members, managers, leaders and everyone working your organization is an asset for your business. You have to work on them and ensure that they are the right players from your side to get your success and keep you going.

You have no idea how the benefits of 360-degree feedback can actually impact teams, leadership, and the whole organization immediately. Once your organization decides to launch a 360 degree feedback program for the first time, there could be people reluctant to participate.  But then you have to see what is best for your business and overall growth. 360-degree feedback program can get you ahead of the crowd in the corporate world. Have a look at some important points below and you would be convinced that you need a feedback program for your organization right away.

Impartial feedbacks
There are many people who feel that feedbacks are rather more about buttering and flattering. However, that is not the case. In the advanced day feedback program these feedbacks are impartial and absolutely reliable. The feedbacks no longer come from immediate bosses or employees; they come from all directions. The good news is that your managers or employees would not even get to know about the people who have rated them or given feedback to them. These feedbacks are received from both the internal and external sources like:


  • Immediate superiors and subordinates
  • Co-workers, branch head or fellow employees
  • Managers


  • The clients that an employee works on a regular basis
  • The vendors or sellers
  • Business associates

In this way, there are a huge number of people who cast their feedback and that too without any identity.  This thing ensures that there are impartial and un-influential feedback given. Where in the past feedback were more about praising the superiors or making a place in the good books of fellow workers; in the present time nothing is like that? Moreover, there is no need for everyone to be scared of anyone because nobody would get to know that they gave feedback to a specific person. In this way, people can give their feedback freely and without any risks or pressure.

High productivity
Your organization does crave for productivity right? If you want to make sure that productivity in your working place enhances then this program has to be in your system. You have to install feedback program so as to ensure that your employees are always contented with their tasks and even if they get to know that they lack at somewhere; they can quickly grow and work on their weak links.

Feedback allow the individuals to know where they are lacking behind. Once your employees know about their weak links they can take actions to rectify their ways or improve their working style. In this way, they would enhance their skill sets and knowledge and all this would lead to productivity in the working place. Of course, since the feedback have been received from the unknown sources the receiver would not feel offended or angry over anyone. He or she rather focus on their skills and feel good that they got to know about where they stand and where they have to go. This productivity at the individual level is absolutely crucial for your business.

Clarity about behaviors
Again the working place is not just about products, protocols or services alone; it is about attitude and behaviors too. If the employees working in your business have good behavior, your consumers and business clients will feel friendly and happy working or interacting with them. But if the behavior of your employees is really dull and negative; that might leave the clients or consumers in a frenzy of thoughts. So, there has to be clarity about everything. Once the 360 feedback program tells an employee about his or her behavior; they can work on their behavior and hence these deeds would lead to better productivity and the overall reputation of the organization.

Moreover, being an employer you would also get to know about your employees in a better manner. Once you go through the feedback given to different employees; you would get to know about their behaviors and attitudes. In this way, you can take conscious steps to improve their behavior if there are any loopholes.  After all, it is all about how people stay overall and how they act and in which manner they react to people and their words.

Thus, since you know how 360 feedback works and can benefit your business or organization; there is no reason you don’t apply it. Go ahead and give it a try and you might find absolute growth in your business.