Bhubaneswar: The first-ever edition of TEDxXUB was conducted by IlluminatiX, the Media & PR Cell of XUB, on October 26, 2019. The theme for the TED talk was ‘Mind and Matter’. 

The theme brought focus on how the internal and external factors blend to shape one’s life. While ‘Mind’ focuses on all the internal struggles, battles, and confrontation that we have with ourselves; ‘Matter’ talks about all the external factors and the environment that we are in, which affects us as individuals.

The event was graced by the presence of eminent speakers namely General Bikram Singh, retired Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and General Officer Commander-in-Chief of the army’s Eastern Command, Ms. Bhavya Arora, Mental Health Professional, Trainer, and an Internationally Trained Psychotherapist, Ms. Dimple Parmar, founder and CEO of Love Heals Cancer and and Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi, Consultant
Neuro-Psychiatrist at The Healing Touch, Co-chair of IPS task force on LGBT, and Fr. Anthony R Uvary S.J., Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Fr. E.A Augustine S.J, Registrar, Xavier University, Fr. Antony Raj, S.J., Deputy Registrar, Xavier University and faculty members alike.

Before it all began, an engaging video that gave the audience an introduction to TED talk was played and made the audience believe in the power of ideas to change attitudes and lives. The first session of the talk was centered on the sub-theme “MIND OVER MATTER”.

General Bikram Singh, the first speaker for the day, threw light upon “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”. He compared people’s lives with a battlefield and urged the audience to build courage and have faith in overcoming all hurdles with a never give up attitude. He further added that the military families are the unsung heroes of every battle won and also the unseen hands of the punch. Stressing upon the authenticity of PTSD, he shared a memory with the audience, of a tragic event dated 14th March 2007, when one of the officers met with an accident and completely distorted his face, and who when enquired, replied that this face was the medal he had won. He also spoke about the Army Wives Welfare Association and ECHS, a community where the army wives and former comrades become the utmost source of support and encouragement during times of distress to each other. He then shared that he, in his entire service of 42 years has never heard of anyone suffering from such a disorder as the Indian Army ensures training for all its military officers in a manner that they are mentally, physically and emotionally robust.

Ms. Bhavya Arora shared her ideas on “Navigating Conflict Inside to Build Peace on the Outside” and shared her liking for interacting with people being the reason she became a therapist. She spoke about how she started experimenting with work, people around her and social work to learn more about analyzing human behavior and providing simple solutions. She emphasized on three steps to solve the conflicts with each other and within through observation, reflection and awareness and said the only thing which matters is your perception and how you perceive it by taking your values into consideration. She also quoted “Self –Reflection is neither a pretty process nor a pity process” questioning the audience as to what they would do to make sure to sabotage the listed goal? She further quoted that the success of any individual is measured by the number of people one has by one’s side and at home to cheer for them. She urged the audience to accept themselves for who they were in order to navigate the conflict within them.
Moving forward with the day, a self-explanatory video about the theme Mind and Matter was played to keep the audience captivated. The second session began with the theme revolving around “MATTER OVER MIND”.

Ms. Dimple Parmar spoke on Rewilding the Human Body through the power of love. She spoke about how the world that is rushing towards medical advancement sometimes also needs a helping hand in the form of hope and support. She also spoke about various learnings she garnered through her own experiences while meeting people who survived stage 4 cancer and how it became a purpose in life to help them heal. She also asked the audience to focus on having positive vibes and have our mind at peace to live a healthy life, both
mentally and physically. Concluding, she urged everyone to become hope, support and encouragement to someone else spreading a positive mindset and love to those in need.

Mr. Amrit Pattojoshi shared his ideas on “Understanding and Creating One’s True Self in the Contemporary World”. He said that he had opted for psychiatry because he believed that it is the mind that controls the body and that it would be quite interesting to understand what goes on inside the human mind and how it affects their behavior. While quoting an example of George Clooney he emphasized focusing on self-development and being true to oneself. He added that it is vital to reveal one’s frame of mind to the world and focus on healthy thoughts to maintain mental peace. He did give various references to his relationships with several people and how he helped them develop a healthy mindset without having to compromise on their ability to showcase their emotions freely just because they feared being judged by society. He further said that we have only one right in life and that is to be happy and focus on the quality of life. It was indeed an insightful talk on how everyone deserve the right to happiness.

TEDxXUB concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Ujjawal Arora (Deputy Coordinator, IlluminatiX and Licensee, TEDxXUB). 
It was indeed a great day which created an impression in the minds of the audience to think with and beyond their minds and the matter around them, with enriching sessions, beautiful experiences to hear to and great personalities to witness!