Precaution is better than cure and so being safe on roads with all your driving paper is the coolest thing you can do today.

Statistics reveals that India reported over 38 lakh traffic violation (as per The Road Transport Authority) booked in September and October month of 2019. Just two months!

As per World Road Statistics, 2018, India ranks 1st in the number of road accident deaths across the 199 countries followed by China and the US.

Measures in terms of stringent actions like amendment of Motor vehicle act in 2019, has been imposed already in India.

Keep the following documents and have a stress-free ride:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) – An official document issued by Regional Transport Office (RTO) and contains vehicle registration number, name and contact details of the owner and other vehicle details. It serves as proof for vehicle registration under Government of India (GoI) and comes with a validity of 15 years and renewal clause of 5 years.
  • Valid Driving License – An official document issued to a two-wheeler owner by the RTO, authorizing the individual to operate various categories of motor vehicles across Indian Union. The latest penalty for driving without a valid license is now Rs. 5,000. There are different types of driving licence in India for two wheeler drivers, for example licence for driving a two wheeler without gear or with gear etc. So make sure you have the correct driving licence otherwise you might end up paying a penalty.
  • Emission Test Certificate (PUC) – An official document to testify that the vehicle’s emission is within the defined limits of the government. This keeps a check on the pollution level and helps in omitting polluting motor vehicles.
  • Fitness Certificate – An official document issued to motor vehicles used only for transportation business. It acts as a permit for state/national/regional movement of the vehicle.
  • Up-to Date Insurance Certificate – An official document serving as a verification of insurance for the purchased vehicle. Legally, a third party bike insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act in India for bike riders. However, bikers can also avail comprehensive insurance plan which includes third party insurance cover. Driving an uninsured bike attracts a fine of Rs. 2000 and/or imprisonment up to 3 months.

Incase while driving on Indian roads, any authorized traffic police/officers of the Motor Vehicles Department demands to check any of these documents, as per law, the rider is mandated to produce the same. So, ab sab kuch lekar ghumna hai.

Follow these and have a safe ride:

  • Apni Surakhsha Apne Hath. WEAR YOUR HELMET: The Motor Vehicle Act mandates the use of ISI certified helmets for both rider and pillion while driving. It should also cover the entire face and chin area, to safeguard the user from many fatal road accidents. In case of violation, fine ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1,000/ and/or 3 month disqualification of license is imposed.
  • Juvenile Bike Riders. (Guardian, Beware!): For any traffic violations made by juveniles (below 18 years of age) the guardian or owner of the vehicle will be deemed to be guilty and fined with Rs.25,000-fine and three years’ imprisonment.  Ab papa nai bacha paenge! The juvenile would be tried under Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 and the registration of motor vehicle will be cancelled for 1 year.
  • Be responsible. Be alert. If you want to party, party harder. But don’t drive after that. Under the amended Act, violations such as drunken driving, can attract an arrest without a warrant, fine of Rs. 10,000 and/or imprisonment of six months to two years.

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Let’s bust some myths!

Myth: Photocopies of vehicle document suffice when asked for by the authorized
Truth: Only original documents are valid and in case if you have photocopies of these documents, it should be attested by a gazetted officer.

Myth: Helmet is necessary only for the bike rider.
Truth: The law mandates helmet for both the bile rider and the pillion, for their own safety against any unforeseen events.

Myth: Learners driving license is enough to ride vehicles on road.
Truth: Learners driving license is valid only for six months. Second, the learner can drive a motor with a person who has been issued a permanent license. Also, a red colored alphabet of ‘L’ on his/her two wheeler should be prominently visible.

Myth: Ek gaadi, chaar sawari. Triple riding, family riding is fine in India.
Truth: Section 128 of this Motor Vehicle Act limits the maximum two riders on the bikes

Myth: Bike stunts is okay at night on highways/lonely roads
Truth: Punishment for racing and speeding is imprisonment for up to 1 month and/or fine up to Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000 and imprisonment up to 1 month and/or fine up.