Bhubaneswar: Stage has been set for Bargarh’s famous Dhanu Yatra, an 11-day festival that revolves round the story of demon king Kansa to begin from December 31.

The festival is based on Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay. It begins with enactment the grand wedding of Devaki and Basudeva, then traces the birth of Krishna and ends with death of the demon king Kansa.

During the yatra, Bargarh turns into a virtual Mathura of the mythology with Kansa ruling the roost. Dressed in full regalia he moves around the town on a caparisoned elephant issuing orders and pulling up errant government officials.

People keep moving about the town to witness the dramatisation of various episodes of the opera.

The annual affair is now an inalienable part of western Odisha’s cultural profile.

The festival will end on January 10.