Bhubaneswar: Music is an expression of the soul that beautifully dances on the colours that eyes see. Odisha Biennale 2019 has brought an platform for the individuals to enjoy the “visual music” performed by Mahesh Vinayakram and Akito Sengoku on 29th December at Kala bhoomi, the Odisha Art and Craft Museum in the evening. The performance consisted of a fusion of Carnatic music and Visualisation.

“Play and search for the scope of your body movement.”Contemporary Dance Workshop” by Vacant Seat was conducted in the morning. It aims to let the people hear the voices of their bodies and witness the beginning of the dance. It was an interactive dance workshop. “The audience interpretation is always correct, there is always something new to learn”, said Vonnos upon asked what message they are trying to send to their audiences. For Yuki Kamimura her mother who is a Ballet dancer is the reason and inspiration to join dance while for Kae Kubo she learned classical ballet by watching her sister dancing to the rhythm to the music

Golden Grass, a group of girls from Jajpur are well skilled pupils who have designed handbags, showpiece, cases, dish, slippers, and many more with veitver plant (local name-Kaecha). The products are tough and sustainable. It became alluring to see. They are working on different designs there by maintaining traditional occupation of India.