Bhubaneswar: Actress Swapna Pati is the founder of Swapna Pati Foundation, organising herbal Holi all over India from last 8 years to promote herbal and natural colours for the Holi.

Herbal Holi was celebrated at Hotel Kalinga Ashok, Bhubaneswar on March 8 from 6.30 pm onwards. Natural and herbal colours were available and used in the event. As the event was on International Women’s Day, three women were rewarded for their struggle, fight and success in life. Also, the gold medal winner, above-40-year Women’s Football Team was rewarded on the occasion. Besides that, the cultural programme was another attraction in the event. Olywood stars took the herbal Holi celebration to the extreme.

Another herbal Holi celebration by Swapna Pati Foundation is in Pune on March 10.