Are you still planning for a trip to Puri during the virus lockdown? The answer for the wanderers is a strict NO.

Most of the people are still wondering whether they can have a trip to Puri. You should probably cancel your trip to puri as the district administration directed all hotel owners to make the visitors vacate hotel rooms within two days. Also advised for no more hotel bookings till March 31. All public places in the tourist destination including markets, shopping malls, theatres, water parks and so on have been closed. Devotees are being asked to submit self-declaration forms before entering the Lord Jagannath Temple. The world-famous Jagannath Temple will be closed for devotees from Friday till March 31. Only servitors will be allowed to perform daily rituals. Most importantly Sec 144 has been imposed on Puri and Konark sea beach to restrict gatherings in a view to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Social distancing seems to be the only way to avoid corona. Though only one positive case was found in Odisha last Sunday, the State Government has issued a strict advisory and has asked citizens to stay at home as far as possible. 

As a popular tourist destination many inbound and outbound visitors come to the pilgrim district of Odisha. Tour and travel operators are instructed to close their offices until further notice so as to restrict visitors entering Puri. The district police are taking strict disciplinary measures on checking entry points to prevent tourists from entering the Puri district. Tourist buses and taxis are being returned back by the police from the entry points of Puri.

The pandemic is declared as a state disaster and has impacted the hotel, hospitality and tourism sector in Odisha.