Bhubaneswar: Not only Odisha but millions across the country put themselves under a 14-hour long voluntary curfew on Sunday to limit the spread of the coronavirus. This is the first day, happened across the country, of the next several days of self-isolation ordered by the State government in several districts. People across the country including the President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers of States, Bollywood actors, and common people joined hands showing solidarity.

It is observed that people in the state, including Bhubaneswar. Many came out on their balconies at 5 pm and clapped or beat gongs, rang bells or kitchen utensils to cheer those millions of frontline workers and to express tokens of love and respect towards doctors, nurses, hospital staff, sanitation workers, government staff, police personnel, and media persons.

Streets across Odisha wore a deserted look the whole day as shops, eateries, marketplaces, business establishments, trains and bus services remained closed in Bhubaneswar and across the state. People largely remained indoors in view of the Janata curfew. Altogether 46 local trains and 21 express trains have been canceled by ECoR. 
Odisha goes into a lockdown mode for another 7 days. Covid-19 has claimed over 6 lives so far. Infected over 340 in India including 2 in Odisha. To stem the spread, these temporary measures are vital to breaking the chain of transmission of the virus.