We may not think of our cities as a part of nature, but they are. Lockdown due to the pandemic has kept millions of people indoors. The slowdown in human activity has so far been shown to have had a positive impact on mother nature. The water now looks clearer, the air is less polluted, clear skies, quiet streets, and tranquil shores. Social media has been flooded with pictures and videos of many of earth’s other inhabitants starting to appear in the open. Mother Nature has reclaimed the urban spaces showing the beautiful side effects of COVID-19. The wildlife is not only thriving but nature is healing as well.

Besides breaking the virus transmission chain, there are a lot of positive things happening around us, pollution levels are said to have drastically dipped, air quality levels are improving across the country. Many polluted cities are witnessing cleaner air due to the lower emission of pollutants. Families spending quality time together. In the meantime, mother nature is rediscovering herself in a constrained way.

we should take the opportunity of this lockdown to reflect and see how we can be more organized and find a balance between beloved nature and our living. Use the lockdown period effectively. Connect virtually with family and friends, send messages, make calls, read books, take care of parents and grandparents and do whatever you love to. Let’s hope that once this pandemic ends we continue to focus on our environment.