Build a Flower Garden

The weather is nice and you’ve got ample time on your hands, it’s becoming the perfect opportunity to make any yard look like million bucks. No matter how big or small your space, you can have a flower garden. Gardening can be a great way to de-stress, as gardening combines exercise and activity, spending an hour a day is linked to better health and wellbeing. A beautiful flower garden can make you wake up early in the morning just to see what new blooms opened with the sunrise.

Here are the expert ideas for making a flower garden of your own:

  1. Plan for a flower garden layout: Your garden should be an expression of what you want. There’s no recipe for it, no right or wrong. Once you have an idea to concrete, grab a paper and a few colour pencils, map it out. Observe your site whether it gets full or partial sun or mostly shade, accordingly, you have to buy flower plants.
  2. Buy flower plants: There are many varieties, colours, textures and heights of flower plants available in the market and are absolutely mind-blowing. While shopping, choose two to three contrasting colors of flower plants, that best suits you, your garden and the summer season. Also, buy some perennial flower plants if you wish. Shop for roses labeled ‘own root’, own-root roses grows to fuller, healthier plants. Choose newer varieties that have been bred to need less care. Native flowers are not less showy than hybrid flowers. These are best to choose as they grow well in your soil type with very less care.
  3. Make your garden: Roll up your sleeves. You have a plan and you have shopped flower plants. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty. Loosen the soil, fill those flower pots, even dig holes for plantation. Save the healthiest and handsome plants if available on the site, as those can be the backbone of the garden. Plant your roses the way you’ve always wanted them, where you can enjoy their silky petals and perfume as you pass under the arbour. Make sure the repetition of multiple colours while planting, the repetition of colours provides a sense of calm and visual unity, put perennial flower plants in between, it pleases the eyes.

With seemingly endless design options, these ideas will guide you in making a flower garden of your own, allowing you to sit back on a nice afternoon and enjoy the blossoms of your labour.