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Koraput from the Eyes of an Outsider

Koraput from the eyes of an outsider

When I completed my graduation and decided to pursue a master’s in Journalism and Mass communication, eventually I started searching all the list of possible universities then automatically all the form-fill up and admission procedures happened one by one. Then suddenly I find myself landed in a completely new place Koraput’s central university. Our state Odisha has this one Central University in Koraput district of which many students must not be aware of. In this university, I am a student at the JMC department. First let me say a few words about our university which has a unique line of courses to offer like MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources and Anthropology, etc. Which students like me coming from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar don’t know at all. But then our university is located in the very outskirts of Koraput town namely in Sunabeda and looking from the hostel’s window I felt for the very first time its natural and scenic beauty with a very cold climate which is sweet but can be a bit harsh for people like us who resides in a little more hot climate. Nevertheless, this coldness is a boon for the tourists who want to visit this place.

Before studying here I have never come to Koraput so naturally, I did not have much idea about this place but gradually I am knowing and falling for this beautiful place. This place may have been described by many in various travelogues, books and travel blogs, etc. But now I am going to give a simple and crisp description of it from my experience of this place as a student, which might tempt a few people after reading this to visit this beautiful place at least once. So Koraput can be said as a hotspot or a treasure mine for travelers mainly it is dominated with a tribal culture from within. Going in KBK district but it is somewhat far more rich in its natural gifts than other districts of Odisha. Natural beauty is found in abundance here like I have got a chance to visit with my friends Duduma falls and its beauty is beyond words to express. Then other popular places are Gupteshawr Caves and Jagannath Temple. Gupteshawr Caves are famous for Lord Shiva and Jagannath Temple is world-famous after Puri is known as ‘Sabara Shrikhetra’ these two religious shrines are a must-visit. Then some of the most wonderful waterfalls are here like Punjisil falls, Colab falls and Rani Duduma falls. Colab also has its reservoir and botanical garden. Tribal culture’s essence can be felt in its very core and to feel it one must visit the Tribal Museum here, also  I had recently gone to attend a fair named ‘Parab’ mostly dominated by tribal culture. Tribal handicrafts, ornaments are sold and displayed here. Cultural programs are also a highlight of it.

One thing I found interesting is that as our campus is in Sunabeda behind our campus lies the Sunbeda reserved forest. Another beautiful place is Damanjodi which is located within 22 km from our university campus, which is also a stunning beauty. Mostly everywhere there are photographic places to visit. It gives the feeling of a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Travelers can roam freely here without having any fear of Naxalite. The area is well protected due to the presence of NALCO and HAL. While traveling we can find food in restaurants and Dhabas of a decent quality. Due to its climate, fresh and rare vegetables are found at a cheap rate in the local market. The local language here is called Desiya but standard Odia is understood and spoken everywhere. Communication is not so bad and to come here we have trains and buses running from our capital city and other cities as well, so coming and going to this place won’t be a hassle. Lastly, Koraput, in my opinion, can be a must-visit place for everyone across the world. I love this place very much and you won’t regret coming here.

Kalpana Mishra
Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication
Central University of Odisha, Koraput