As we all are locked down to battle the novel coronavirus disease, every now and then frequent hand washing is being advised, we need to understand how critical it is to make the clean water accessible to all and think of ways to save water!! Because every drop saved can go towards proper hygiene for yourself or even your neighbour.

Let’s take a moment, today the only defence against the pandemic is that we wash our hands frequently- 20 seconds each time, would mean roughly 2 litres per wash. Washing hands frequently would mean we need between 15-20 litres of water per person. So a household of five would need 100 litres only for handwashing. Apart from that disinfecting their houses once in 2-3 days would require another 200 litres. Due to this, average water consumption has increased. Most of us are comforted by the fact that we can get water from our taps, forgetting that the water actually comes from public sources- the groundwater.

Many aren’t understanding the gravity of the situation. The World Health Organisation, water conservationists, environmentalists, even celebrities have been constantly spreading awareness on water conservation amid the COVID-19 through social media.

The most important lesson of the current pandemic is that we need to ensure everybody has access to clean water. Do not leave the tap running when you rub your hand with soap or hand wash.