Health Emergency And Pandemic Flooded Odisha Severely

Bibhuti Bhusan Behera
Editor-In-Chief at Hello Health!

Odisha and across India are suffering from an attack of pandemic nCOV-19, has dropped human interference and the economy leads to an economic sustainability loss. Mainstream markets are being shut down to future spread of the virus. 

Despite Odisha Wide lockdown, the virus has leaked to the healthy human body through contacts with one contaminated with COVID-19. 

Odisha CM Shri Naveen Pattnaik signaled a security alert recommending all officials including teachers and students of all schools, colleges and universities to stay safe at home during lockdown period and until the situation gets controlled allowing all doctors, nurses, police officials and electricians voluntarily work for the general public.

Now putting light on the health of the common public, the situation becomes neutral. Several areas across Odisha are unaware of being healthy and stay active on this pandemic. Some people are still not using sterile sanitizers and prerequisite steps requested by the government and WHO. Again repeating the same statement as it is necessary sometimes, “Don’t step out of your home when it’s not so urgent. Stay at home and practice social distancing together!”

We are together fighting against Coronavirus. To switch mental as well as physical health, I am discussing a to-do-list with you.

1. Be Hydrated:

According to doctors, drinking water with the empty stomach emphasizing on your mental health is crucial since it contributes overall well-being. It makes a person soundhealth and disease-free.

I would like to recommend 7-8 glasses of water per whole day to fill up the requirements of fluid content in the body.

2. Activate mindfulness:

Study focused on neurology found that our daily activities affect neurons and other parts of the brain brutally. In the rhythmic schedule of work during the whole day keeps us dull and unmotivated the next day.

To make it easy to be productive, control your mind. So this to happen you all need to keep attention to yoga and meditation to take yourself out of being awakened.

3. Change and monitor your sleeping habits:

Science proved the statement that a person taking 4-5hrs of sleep gets less productive work done than a person rests at least 7-8hrs a day.

If a person is facing problems with sleeping, consulting a doctor regarding the matter is beneficial.

If any person ideally follows the steps mentioned above, he would make himself safe from COVID-19 pandemic.

Note that health emergencies and pandemics have mutual effects on human wellness. Be prepared for it to not be hospitalized!