Sleeping Habits Change In Teens And AI Accessible Technology Stealing World In The COVID-19 Pandemic


Bibhuti Bhusan Behera
Editor-In-Chief at Hello Health!

Health needs and hospitals are being made emerging as crucial parameters to stay active and positive throughout life whatever the possible cases may arise. In India and across the world are under pressure for a few weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. Emerging technologies are being supported to create better medications.

In the Lockdown period, people of India and abroad are very well using their creativity to showcase talents including sleeping challenges being done by many celebrities including Rits Badiani, Vitat Kohli and Anushka Sharma.

Team of Hello Health! generated a report of how sleeping habits change over time during lockdown showed an increasing sleep number and week of appearance.

Accordingly it claims increasing sleeping habits may help coping high blood pressure and hence reduces overall stress and anxiety over time.

Keeping eyes on how sleeping habits change and what role technology plays in monitoring sleeping data to generate reports of possible health issues, it also claims overweight in work to generate better output and productivity may be a case where about 34% people are suffering now.

And today’s reliable technology artificial intelligence plays a role model to track and record snoring to understand sleeping state and generate reports on how a person’s overall sleep score changes over time.

Fitbit, an AI-powered technology application which enables users to generate reports on sleeping quality and what impact it puts to sleep number and sleep score.

Alternative to Fitbit, Sleep Cycle uses body movement while asleep to monitor sleeping quality and gives overview of states of sleep to aware users of their sleeping habits.

It is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours a day that is essential to curb health emergencies.