Hit Back To 90s; Corona Thrive A Sequel


Bibhuti Bhusan Behera
Editor-In-Chief at Hello Health!


Undoubtedly Odisha and across India put forward to fight against deadly coronavirus. It is not known to anyone when they would come out of the situation of COVID-19 outbreak. These pandemic grows like estuaries when day passes. Several migrants who have come to home this week from other states have been in effect of corona. It seems like Corona has diluted the state wholly.

Hello Health! India connected to Founder and Editor In Chief Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Behera through video conferencing to discuss how the situation can be controlled without affecting economic conditions severely. According to his opinion, he wanted to confirm that people in India should obey social distancing strictly to restrict the virus to spread to healthy areas where there is no such cases found.

Emphasizing on economy and growth in India, he gave a clue of a situation of the 90s where economy was in red flag when the tsunami had come into effect. Dealing with such situations was really challenging. But to tackle the condition easily, we needed support from countries to sustain the loss.

Then corona curbs the economic growth and people in India are suffering from huge loss in personal development and unemployment.

Sharing a quick relief from COVID-19 pandemic, he said, “When I was ill someday, my guru recommended me to drink neem juice. But I don’t know why I should use neem to cure a disease and I started researching at Neem tree and its products. I found that Neem has a miracle effect on fungus, viruses, bacterias etc.”

Hello Health! India also asked him what can be helpful to the coronavirus pandemic. He replied that if 5 m.l. of Neem juice is added to the medication the healthcare officials are using, not only it supports immunity but also the patient would cure easily without being afraid of contacting again, remembering social distancing is obeyed.

For all people in India, it is essential to be fit and active to not be contacted with coronavirus.