A Tale Of Drugs In Tests to Fight COVID-19

This epidemic of epidemics and the pandemic of pandemics in the coronavirus (Covid-19) phraseology signalling a big crisis in human history. The pathogen wolf has been invited for mass destruction, perhaps its disastrous and deadly nature has already shaken the world. We have got only to blame ourselves for such a horrible reality by disturbing and manipulating the natural fabric of our environment. How and, most importantly, why everything went wrong is yet to reveal, but the race to develop treatments and vaccines is still wide open. 

In the global hunt for coronavirus treatment, a Japanese antiviral medicine known as Avigan became popular and soared it’s interesting in March when few officials claimed that it appeared to recover patients from the flu-like infection caused by the coronavirus. This drug works like short-circuiting the reproduction mechanism of RNA viruses like influenza. But it’s not the only game in the city.

Camostat, a pancreatitis drug made by Ono Pharmaceutical Company has captured the interest of scientists in Japan. According to Dr Joseph Vinetz, a professor at Yale School of Medicine, who is ready to start a clinical trial of this medicine- a study found that Camostat blocks an enzyme essential for entering the coronavirus into the lungs. Sheba Medical Center in Israel already launched a self-founded Camostat trial in April with 14 patients in the 1st phase.

Another trial is being carried out at the University of Kentucky, testing whether hydroxychloroquine- the Malaria drug tweeted by Trump and gone viral on social media can block the virus’s preferred path to enter human cells. Meanwhile, the US Food and Drug Administration has given its nod to Gilead’s antiviral drug Remdesivir in May for emergency use on COVID-19 patients.

AYUSH Minister on Thursday said the Government of India is working on four ayurvedic medicine formulations to treat Covid-19, the country’s traditional medicinal system will show positive outcomes and pave the way to overcome this pandemic. The trials are likely to begin within a week.