Puri Bahuda Yatra 2020: The Holy Trinity Began Their Return Journey

Puri: After a temporary stay of nine days at Gundicha temple, on Devshayani Ashadhi Ekadashi that is today Lord Jagannath, along with his brother Balbhadra and sister Subhadra, began their return journey to ShreeMandira. With the ceremonial procession ritual called the Pahandi, the holy trinity get into their chariots. 

Just like Rath Yatra this year, the Bahuda Yatra also follows the same protocol. Only servitors and police personnel whose COVID-19 test reports came negative have been allowed to be present in the temple premises or near the chariots. 500 servitors each will be pulling the chariots.  

The Bahuda Yatra includes plenty of rituals. According to the schedule released by the Shree Mandira administration, the Mangal Aarti took place early around 4 AM, the Bahuda Pahandi commenced around 8 AM followed by the Chera Panhara around 11 AM. And the Bahuda Yatra started around noon. The deities would remain in the chariots for three nights and a day till the end of the Bahuda Yatra.

The district administration has imposed curfew in the town from 10 pm on Tuesday till 10 pm on Wednesday. All roads leading to Puri have already been sealed and residents warned not to throng Bada Danda.

A few rituals like the Suna Besha, Adhara Pana and Niladri Bije which are the concluding part of the Bahuda Yatra will be performed on July 2, 3 and 4, respectively. Suna Besha is a custom that is held on the Ekadashi Tithi. The deities, who are still on their chariot, get decorated with gold ornaments. Then, on the Dwadashi Tithi, the Gods and the Goddess are offered a special drink made of cheese, milk, sugar, and other ingredients called Adhara Pana. And on Trayodashi Tithi, the deities enter the Puri temple from their respective chariots. This ritual is called the Niladri Bije. Thus, the world-famous Ratha Yatra and Bahuda Yatra comes to an end.