Plasma Therapy is a new innovative remedy that is being used for treating COVID-19 positive patients. After rigorous scientific research, medical experts have made it evident that plasma therapy is one effective cure for Covid-19 treatment. 

As you all know that the rate of spread of COVID-19 is increasing on a large scale. The state Odisha is also not been safe from this Pandemic. Plasma Therapy has now been started in the state of Odisha as well and will possibly show faster recovery results. 

Treatment Procedure of Covid-19 using Plasma Therapy

Plasma is the blood component that has been collected from the patients who have recovered from the COVID-19 virus. The patients who were seriously affected by the virus and have recovered might need some antibodies in their plasma cells to treat other patients to recover from the virus. 

Doctors separate the Plasma components after the patient’s recovery and then infuse it to the bodies of the people who are critically suffering from diseases. This helps their body fight the disease well, and the immune system rejects the pathogen or virus to recover properly. 

This is an effective treatment protocol that is being adapted in mass numbers to improve the recovery rate. The COVID cases are growing very rapidly, and the only way to spread positivity amongst the people is by increasing the recovery rate. 

Existence of Plasma Therapy

The antibody transfer therapy exists since 1930, and this helps deal with all types of bacteria or viruses that include measles, pneumonia, meningitis, and COVID as well. COVID-19 is the new addition to the viruses that are possibly being cured by Plasma Therapy.

According to the ‘American Journal of Pathology,’ the scientists claim that the clinical outcomes of the first plasma transfusion trial gave a positive response by improving 19/25 patients. Out of these 19, 11 were discharged from the hospital with 0 symptoms of COVID-19. 


These are a few of the facts related to the COVID-19 recovery aspects using plasma therapy. Odisha has now started using plasma therapy treatment as well. The state is eyeing towards a better recovery rate in some time sooner.