Organic Rakhi

ORMAS is out with a new series of rakhis made up of Sabai grass, rice grains, and rice. In this article, you will know about how ORMAS is inching towards taking a step towards celebrating eco-friendly Rakhi.

What is ORMAS Rakhi and From Where It Is Coming From?

ORMAS has taken the initiative of selling eco-friendly or organic rakhis made up of Sabai grass and rice grains. It is being sold in front of the ORMAS office. It is usually brought from Mayurbhanj. Balasore, Sonepur, and other areas.

Organic Rakhi

As per the statistics of today, ORMAS claims that they sell around 150-200 organic rakhis that are truly a sign that this Raksha Bandha is truly going to be organic with eco-friendly bonding. The SSG ladies contribute to this movement and are giving in their efforts to make these rakhis and are selling it around the state.

Moreover, this organization is giving financial assistance to ladies who are making organic rakhis due to this innovative movement.

Pricing of the ORMAS Rakhis

The rice rakhis cost around Rs 25 for the smaller ones, and the bigger rice grain rakhis cost around Rs.30. The prices are minimal and can be affordable. As the rakhi business is down this year due to COVID19, ORMAS is here to help promote eco-friendly rakhi celebrations.


Sabai grass rakhis cost around Rs 25, and designer Sabai grass rakhi with additive decorations cost around Rs 20. There are rakhis available even for Rs 15, and that is what is attracting the people more. The efforts behind these minimal prices are worth lakhs, and these ladies are giving in efforts for a good movement, and people are coming forward to support them all.


So, as rakhi is in just a few more days, get your organic rakhi today to promote eco-friendly Raksha Bandhan and celebrate the bond of brother and sister amidst these tough COVID situations.