Daily Round-Up: Low-Pressure Problems Grasping Several Districts of The State


The whole state is experiencing low-pressure effects, and ten districts have already been altered with an orange warning for heavy rainfalls, including Cuttack, Dhenkanal, Kalahandi, and others. Weather forecast department claims of another low pressure on 9th August.

70 Doctors to Go Quarantine of VSSIMSAR Hospital, Burla

To control the outbreak and spread of COVID 19, 70 doctors of VSSIMSAR Hospital, Burla, will be quarantined. The OPD or medicine department will stay closed until 12th August 2020. The government is taking progressive steps to prevent the COVID spread counts in the town.

Malgodam, Behera Sai, Cuttack is the new Hotspot of Corona Virus in the State

The state has now experienced a new hotspot for Corona Virus. Malgodam, Behera Sai of Cuttack, is the new hotspot with 112 positive cases in a day. From today, every Wednesday, Malgodam will remain closed with the permission to keep the essentials open as per decided time.

Ekamra Hat Is Not Being Able to Benefit from the Unlock Phase 3

Even after the unlock phase 3, Ekamra Hat is dark without light and water supply. Apart from that, the main gate is kept locked by the authorities as a result of which the visitors are not being attracted to the shops. The artists are in deep grievance with a market downfall.

Mayurbhanj & Ganjam street walls are being decorated with Corona awareness arts

The artists are painting the walls of Ganjam and Mayurbhanj with COVID awareness arts to attract the people towards it and spread positivity amidst these tough times. Along with COVID awareness arts, the artists are also putting up some other vibrant artistic creativity that is mesmerizing to look at.

Rayagada, Odisha is not appropriate For Online Education| Students are going to mountain peaks for better connection

Online Education is unsuccessful in Rayagada. Due to poor network connection, students are going up the mountain paths for better network connectivity to avail online classes. Questions are rising on the arrangement of Government for the students’ online education system.

Odisha COVID report for 6th August 2020

1699 new positive cases have been reported in the state in 24 hours. The death toll remains at 235 for the state. The government has increases the testing capacity on a daily basis to test more patients and get hold of this virus to contain it more effectively.