Daily Round-Up: Relaxation in the State for Few hours On the Occasion of Independence Day


The State announces relaxation on the shutdown timings for the people and residents to celebrate the occasion of Independence Day. This relaxation will be only till 11:00 AM on 15th August, Saturday morning, after which the same rules will be imposed for shut down.

MKCG OPD Department, Berhampur will re-open from 15th August

The OPD department of MKCG Hospital in Berhampur will now be re-opened from 15th August. The government has proposed to follow all the COVID guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. The OPD section was locked down to control the unwanted spread of the virus.

On the Occasion of Ganesh Puja, The State will continue to impose shutdown for 22nd & 23rd August in most areas

Most districts of Odisha will remain under shutdown situation for the occasion of Ganesh Puja on 22nd & 23rd August. There will be no relaxation for the occasion with an aim to control the spread of the Coronavirus. People are unhappy for the festive season being washed away by COVID.

Compared to other states, Odisha is fighting well with COVID situation

The recovery rate is high in Odisha as compared to other states of India. The death rate is also low that makes Odisha stand out in a better position across the nation, making a positive statement. Odisha is improving its strategies to fight COVID with even more efficiency.

The State is now inching towards speeding up the testing process and increase the count to 1 lakh

Odisha has proposed new antigen testing for speeding up the process and is also planning on imposing new test measures to make the count reach 1 lakh tests per day. This will eventually help the State detect the cases faster to control the spread of this virus.

Low-pressure strikes the State again and 12 districts, including Sundergarh, Keonjhar, and Angul under yellow warning.

Low pressure has made its way to Odisha yet again, and this time, 12 districts are under a yellow warning. Sundergarh, Keonjhar, and Angul are also going to face the impact of this low pressure for the next 48 hours.

Malkangiri is Under Flood Situation due to Poteru River Water rise

There is a considerable water rise in the Poteru river as a result of which Malkangiri is under the flood situation now. The water is up to 2-3 feet above the ground, causing chaos in the minds of people.