How to Make Mask at Home

With the intensifying of Covid-19 pandemic across the world, it has become mandatory to wear a face mask that completely covers your face in public places. Earlier the CDC advised not to use a face mask for healthy peoples; however, due to the rising conditions, they suggested using a face mask in order to remain protected from infections.

Now, you might wonder how to prepare a face mask at home. In this article, you can learn how to make face masks at your home by using materials present at home. No matter you are handy with a sewing machine or like using old t-shirts or need a quick fix, the concepts are all same.

The simple bandana face mask


The materials needed are bandana (handkerchief) and two elastic bands.


First layout the bandana flat and then fold the top and bottom-up inward meeting in the middle. After that, fold it in half so that you get four layers of fabric. Next, using the elastic bands, you need to make ear loops by sliding each band at the ends. Slide the elastic bands a few inches towards middle of the folded fabric. Then, you can fold the ends of the bandana toward middle overlapping slightly for tucking into one another. This will keep the ends of the mask secure.

The sewing face mask


The materials required for this face mask include cotton cloth, needle and thread, scissors, elastic bands, and kitchen paper.


With the help of scissors, cut the cotton cloth into a rectangle shape 25cmx15cm and place the two cloths together. Fold the top fabric and stitch all the way across, leaving a gap of 1 cm. Then, place a kitchen paper of the required shape inside and stitch the bottom. Put the elastic bands into the gap and stitch both sides.

You must prepare the face mask that can fit the face properly so that you can breathe comfortably. The more layers of material added to the face mask is better. The materials that are suitable to create a face mask involve woven cotton, natural silk, quilted cotton material, and twill.