Daily Round-Up: Low-Pressure Alert Once Again For 19th August and 7 Districts are under Yellow warning


There is a low-pressure warning for the 19th of August, and around seven districts are under a yellow warning for heavy rainfall. There is already a heavy rain climate around the major districts of the state, and this will continue in the coming week as well.

Rain Has Impacted Major Districts of Odisha & Malkangiri is the Highly Affected Region

Rain has impacted major districts of Odisha, and the rain has clogged major regions of Malkangiri, giving rise to a flood situation. The authorities are taking measures to control and offer aid to the affected regions of the state.

Record Break Corona Positive Cases in the state, the authorities are taking preventive measures

A whopping record of 2924 Corona positive cases in a single day that is the highest to date. Out of which there are over 1815 quarantine cases and 1109 local cases. Seeing this, the authorities are taking several measures to control the situation.

No Education Syllabus or School Re-opening Date is Out Yet, State board in chaos

The students of the state board are worried about the schools not being re-opened and the syllabus that is not yet out. The authorities say that the syllabus will come by next week, and the education will be commenced accordingly. New planning will be done for better education aspects.

Liquor Consumption at Bar during shutdown, BMC seals the bar in Bhubaneswar

The bar at garage chowk, Bhubaneswar, was offering liquor to the customers in their premises that was prohibited in shutdown. BMC sealed the premises right after the complaint was made. The authorities are now making strict rules to prevent this from happening again in the state. There are strict rules imposed for not opening the bars for ensuring social distancing.

Ten new Corona Deaths in the state within 24 hours that triggers concern in the mind of authorities

There are ten new Corona deaths in the state that brings up more concern in the minds of the authorities to take more protective measures to ensure more control in the COVID situation. Ganjam has the highest count of 318 COVID positive cases in 24 hours.

Odisha has crossed a new progressive mark of 50,000 tests per day, and the milestone is achieved

Odisha has set a milestone of 50,000 tests per day, and the COVID-19 pandemic can now be controlled more efficiently. With an increased test, the hidden COVID cases will come up to the front face. This will help in the fight of controlling the pandemic in the state.