Arial view of flood situation in Odisha
Arial view of flood situation in Balasore district of Odisha

Due to the water level rise in the Hathi river, Kalahandi district is under flood situation. Houses are full of knee-level water, and the people are experiencing trouble. The water level mark is beyond the danger level mark for which the authorities are taking preventive measures.

Continuous Rain in the state since last night, Many Districts are in Chaos conditions

The low-pressure conditions have made the state situation critical. Heavy rainfall is witnessed since last night, and over ten districts are under a red warning. There is a flood situation in most of the districts of Odisha, and people are under chaos. The authorities are taking preventive measures.

Rourkela Malgodam Public Crowd situation due to death of a lady due to medical negligence

Rourkela, Malgodam lady death situation due to medical negligence made public angry, and people have crowded to show their concern about this type of medical ignorance. The police officers came on the spot to control the situation.

Ganjam District will now witness health checkups for dealing with COVID Pandemic

Ganjam District will now witness the major health check-up sessions to help deal with the COVID pandemic. This is the second time this session is being set-up, and every citizen will be surveyed for their health conditions and travel history. Asha Workers and medical experts are doing this process.

Bolangir, Tureikela witnessed the wild elephant troops infiltrating the premises

Over 25 elephants have entered the Tureikela region of Bolangir and are not ready to leave the premises at all. They are here for a week now, and this is spreading the terror amongst common people. The authorities are taking necessary measures to control the crowd as well as drive away from the elephants.

Jagatsinghpur is suffering crop loss due to heavy rain and flood situation

The farmers are worried about maintaining their crops in this heavy rainfall situation. The farms of Jagatsinghpur are flooded, and the crops are destroyed. The farmers are under grave tension of dealing with loan repayment.

Jajpur people are experiencing trouble due to monsoon chaos and are waiting for government assistance

An old man of Jajpur was seen living in extreme conditions due to monsoon problems. He is expecting the Government to extend the hand of goodwill and help. The new plans of Government seem like not reaching to the right targeted audience.