How to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi Virtually?


    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has imposed crucial steps to make sure citizens are well-protected. However, with technology advancement, you can now enjoy the Ganesh Chaturthi festival within your home’s comfort. You can book puja slots and perform virtual offerings at the temples simply sitting at your home. Technology is here to help you cherish this festival without any issues. Now, you can easily perform puja using various interactive sites. These sites give you access to puja items, offer flowers to God, ring the bell, and do aarti, etc.

    How to use technology for this year, Ganesh puja?

    In this article, you can learn about different ways that can help you to celebrate Ganesh puja with the help of technology.

    Book a Pandit

    If you are thinking of arranging a big puja at your home, it is important to have a pandit who can take care of all the required rituals. However, the first question is how to look for a pandit who can come to your house to perform puja during this pandemic. No worries, several start-up websites are offering one-stop solutions for puja services and pandit. You can opt for their services to book a pandit and also buy puja items to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at your home.

    Live Watch

    If you want to see pujas at various temples without visiting there, then just go through online websites and watch LIVE telecasts. These websites will provide LIVE telecasts from famous Ganapathi temples along with private pujas by priests. While many websites are offering to see LIVE telecasts for free; however, there a few others that get charged to see the rituals. Thus, it is now easy to watch your favorite festival without going anywhere.

    Buy Idol Online

    Although it’s not surprising, you can now buy Ganesh idols through various eCommerce sites that will get delivered at your doorstep. Also, due to the rising demand for eco-friendly idols, many idol makers have created clay Ganesh as to meet customer requirements. You can choose your desired one from these online websites and celebrate Ganesh puja at your home safely.