Due to the COVID outbreak, the Tourists are not able to travel to Odisha, and the Hotel business is being affected the most. With the tourist season on the trail, the hotel businessmen from Puri to Gopalpur requested the Government to consider the fact. The situation is expected to come under control from October.

Due to Low Pressure, Most Parts of the State are Heavily Affected

Due to the ongoing low pressure, most parts of the state are experiencing heavy rainfall for the past couple of days. Major regions are also about to experience medium or low rainfall today. The weather will continue to pour in the coming days with a possibility of another low pressure on 23rd or 24th August.

Heavy Rainfall has Given Rise to Flood Conditions in Most Districts and Malkangiri is under Critical condition

Due to heavy rainfall, most parts of the state are now under flood conditions. The situation of flood in Malkangiri is beyond control, and the common lives are suffering. The authorities are preparing themselves for dealing with crucial situations around the affected regions.

Applications for +2 admission is now open through online modes and will last till September 4

The admissions for +2 is now open over online platforms. The forms are available on respective websites, and the last date for submitting the application form is September 4. The students are requested to fill the forms within this time span.

The Youngsters of Rayagada & Gunupur Portrayed the Sacrifice of Army Javans

The youngsters of Rayagada & Gunupur have portrayed a cinematic video of Army Javans battling on the front row to protect the nation. This short film on the screens will replicate the journey of army officials to selflessly battle for the nation.

Khurda Dalaiput experienced a Bomb attack even with the presence of Police

The police protection did not work as the Dalaiput, Khurda area witnessed another bomb attack even under police protection. These types of attacks were recorded previously in the region as well. The authorities are investigating the matter.

Traffic Rules are Strictly Imposed in the state and new penalties have been imposed

Drunken Driving or Breaking Speed Limits will cost you suspension of Driving License for three months. There are strict rules imposed on overloading and using mobile while driving situations.