There is a high expectancy of rain in various districts of Odisha today. Due to the low pressure, 11 districts are under red warning situations, and eight districts are under a yellow warning. The weather forecast team gave the news this morning.

Over 58,337 COVID Tests done in the last 24 hours in the State

The state has recorded the highest single-day testing of over 58,337 COVID tests. The highest tests were done in the Kendrapara district, and this figure is expected to rise higher in the future for better control of the situation.

Farmers Are Catching Fish in the Farming Fields Due to Heavy Rain Continuing to Pour in Pipili, Stayavadi Block

Due to heavy rain, the farming lands of Pipili, Satyavadi Block, Odisha are full of rainwater, and the fish have found their way into the farming lands. The farmers are now setting up fishing nets to catch fish for doing some business as the farming lands are currently not productive.

Ollywood Actor, Sabyasachi helps yet another Lockdown sufferer of Balangir

Famous Ollywood actor Sabyasachi extends his helping hand to yet another lockdown sufferer of Balangir, who is tensed for not being able to run the family. Sabyasachi says that he will make all the treatment arrangements for the man and also afford the studies of his children.

The Validity for Driving License, Vehicle Fitness, and other Documents has been extended till 31st December 2020

New relaxation for the vehicle owners. If your vehicle fitness has expired anytime recently this year, then you have the flexibility to get it renewed by the end of 31st December 2020. This relaxation is applicable to all vehicle-related documents such as driving license, insurance, pollution, fitness, and others.

Sambalpur Girl, Dishia Panigrahi has been successfully earned the recognition of being an Odia Scooba diver 

A Sambalpur girl, Dishia Panigrahi, has successfully completed her senior course in Scooba diving that gives her the proud recognition of Odia Scooba diver girl across the nation.

New Plasma Bank to Be Opened in Koraput in Saheed Laxman Nayak Medical College and Hospital

The inauguration of the new plasma bank in Saheed Laxman Nayak Medical College and Hospital, Koraput, is to be done through video conferencing. This step by the state government is to increase the rate of recovery from COVID in the state.