Bhubaneswar to Surat Flights will Resume from 9th September


Air India is ready to fly their planes from Bhubaneswar to Surat for two days in a week from 9th September. The Surat airport services were shut down due to pandemic, but now as it is re-opening, the flights will start to travel to Surat from Bhubaneswar, and Air India will provide the service.

COVID Cases have tallied up the mark, and the figures are rising 

In the past 24 hours, the total COVID cases recorded are 3267, out of which 1961 cases are from quarantine, and 1306 are local contacts. As the cases are rising, the authority requests the civilians to wear a mask and support social distancing.

9 People dead due to COVID while ongoing treatment in hospitals

It is very sad news that 9 COVID positive patients lost their lives out of which one was an 18-year-old male with other health issues, including Sickle Cell disorder. The other patients who lost their lives were age 50-90 years.

Ramesh Behera, Deputy Director of Factories & Boilers Got Their House Searched

Ramesh Behera is now being suspected of some form of corruption as without which a huge amount of Rs. 1.5 crores stocked at his house is pretty impossible. Ramesh Behera has a three-story house and luxury car to his name, and it adds more to the suspect.

Odisha Man Got Arrested for Putting up Threat Posts Against PM and Yogi Adityanath 

A man from Cuttack, Odisha, did post a threat or hate message for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath. Police arrested this man on Thursday, whose name was Sayad Hassan Ahmed. The case was registered in Singhabali Police Station under the Baghpat district.

No Weekend Shutdown Until September 12 due to NEET and JEE Exams

Odisha Government has proposed a relaxation on weekend shutdown due to the upcoming NEET and JEE examinations. Along with that, the unlock four guidelines have also proposed the bars and restaurants to open dining facilities.

Flood has devastated most parts of the state and Angul has faced the worst scenario

Flood has hampered the lives of many poor residents of Odisha. The recent flood rain-damaged large farming lands in Angul, which is now the reason for chaos amongst the farmers. The crops are drowned in floodwaters.