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Gold Cost in Bhubaneswar keeps on Mounting


The upward moving spree of gold prices in Bhubaneswar is still intact. Price of Gold was reported to be 53,320 INR for 10 grams. However, the cost of 22 carat gold of same amount is recorded to be 48,890 INR. Cost of silver has been recorded to be INR 67, 210 per one Kilo.

10 more COVID 19 Deaths in the Past 24 Hours in Odisha, with the Death Toll Reaching 556

With 10 more deaths, total tally of COVID-19 deaths has reached 556 on Sunday, according to the reports of Health and Family Welfare Department. However, the common thing about each of these deceased patients is that all they had Diabetes, except one 53 years old male in Bhubaneswar.

Odisha Witnessed Highest Single-day COVID-19 Cases Today with 3861 Patients Found Positive

With 3810 more COVID-19 cases, Odisha witnessed record single-day growth today (past 24 hours). Through the process, the total tally has reached 1, 27,892. Among these, 1583 patients have been detected through local contacts, as per reports of Information and Public Relation Department.

Chattisgarh Police Caught Odisha Diamond Smuggler in Nuapada, Red-handed

A businessman, reportedly charged with smuggling of Diamond, has been caught and arrested by Chattisgarh Police in Nuapada. It is claimed that the concerned person had around 170 diamond pieces. He has been caught red-handed by the police and has been identified as Nutan Patel.

6 Arrested in Gajapati with 2 Quintal Ganja being Seized

Ganja of 2 quintal has been seized, again, by Mohana and Adava police. Reportedly, illegal supply of Ganja smuggling has significantly grown in recent times in Gajapapti as cases are being found on a pretty alternative day. Police have arrested six for this act of illegal smuggling.

Commendable: Local Disrupt Human Sacrifice Trial, 3 Arrested

Praiseworthy interference of locals of Chasapitala village in Ganjam has disrupted trials of human sacrifice. This falls under Aska police territory. As per Aska police, Chtrasena Tarai and Panch Gauda, the main accused, were attempting to kidnap the minor girl of Swarajya Guada, which was foiled by villagers. 

Court to Hear Varsha Priyadarshini’s petition to 12th October against Anubhav Mohanty

SDJM Court Cuttack has shifted hearings to 12th October of Varsha Priyadarshini’s petition against husband Kendrapada MP Anubhav Mohanty. Reportedly, Varsha had filed a petition against Mr. Mohanty, accusing physical and mental torture, in her eight-page petition.