How to keep yourself safe from online scams

The growing usage of internet has lead to online scams. People who spend most of their time on internet can become a target of online scams. Online scams cost victims thousands of money with a huge number of reported cases. According to several reports, it is noticed that people over the age of 50 became prone to online scams. Besides, these online scams come in various ways that you cannot avoid completely; thus, you can consider some safety measures to remain safe from these online scams. Below check a few tips on how to keep yourself safe from different online scams.

Essential Tips to Avoid Online Scams

Check out these essential tips that can protect you from online scams without limiting your purchases:

Never take any Bait

Stay away from phishing scams that look like a legitimate source and ask for your personal information on a particular webpage. Do not share your private details like password, social security numbers, card numbers, or any sensitive data. These are always in the form of email messages with urgent tones. If you want to know whether any mail is legitimate or not, got to its official website in another tab without clicking on provided links.

Check details of Online Friends

When you have plenty of friends on Facebook, you may not have complete knowledge about everyone. Online scammers copy profile images and basic information from original accounts and send friend requests to their friend list. If you get any friend request that’s already in your list, check their account. Also, if you find two identical accounts, then inform your friend right away. In case your account has been hacked, first of all, change your password and inform Facebook for investigation.

Avoid Prize Scams

If you receive an email claiming to win cash, valuable products, or free international trips, avoid those emails. They ask for your personal information to claim winnings with some nominal fees and upon getting required details, never contact back again. A few travel scams promise you to book your exotic destination; however, they consist of hidden charges you may not be aware of.