The vegetable rates have gone up due to heavy rainfall and crop destruction in the past few weeks in the state. As per the update, this increased price will remain the same for the next month. The onion rate was Rs.20 before today and is now recorded to be Rs.35/kg.

Cabinet Meeting is to be Held for Discussion on GST and Higher Education

A cabinet meeting was arranged today at 11:30 AM in the presence of Honorable Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. This meeting is for the discussion of GST practices and higher education aspects in the state.

Jhanvi Mohanty, Youngest Guinness Record Holder of Bhubaneswar

Jhanvi Mohanty, a 2-year-old little girl, has got global recognition for holding Guinness Record for recalling all the animal names, seven colors, seven fruits, English alphabets, and random objects. This is truly an impeccable achievement for a 2-year-old girl.

Veteran Odia Actor, Ajit Das Passed Away on Sunday, The Industry Showers Condolences with Warm Wishes

Veteran Odia Actor Ajit Das passed away on Sunday, and the entire Odia film industry is saddened on hearing this news. The actors have used their social media handles to shower their condolences to the family. Ajit Das was 71 and was undergoing treatment for COVID-19 in a private hospital.

Most of the COVID Care Centers in the State are Being Shut Down Due to Nil Occupancy

Shri PK Mohapatra, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary to Government, has proposed a notification on 14th September for the closure of COVID Care Centers that have no patients in them. The COVID Care Centers, where there are fewer patients, will be scaled down, and only the required man force shall be allotted.

COVID statistics of the State is Now a Bit Manageable as Recover Rate is High

The total COVID cases in Odisha recorded so far is 155k, out of which there are 119k recovered cases and 637 deaths. As the recovery rate is high, the state is now convinced with the control measures taken by the authority.

Kajal Pandey of Rourkela Sends Guinness Book of World Record Claim for Most Number of Elbow Strikes

Kajal Pandey of Rourkela has claimed to Guinness Book of World Records and six other world record recognition organizations for listing her record of the highest number of elbow strikes in one minute on a punching bag. As per Kajal Pandey, she recorded 291 elbow strikes in one minute for which she has sent claims to 7 such organizations.