The Light and Sound Show at Dhauli Resumes Today!


After six months of restrictions, the light and sound show at Dhauli to resume today. The authorities imposed restrictions on the light and sound show Viewing the Covid-19 cases. But six months after restriction, the department decides to resume the light and sound show. However, it is yet to be discovered that tourists would be allowed or not.

Green Flag to Tourism from October!

On World tourism day, Odisha’s tourism department has announced that tourism in Odisha to open from October. Seeing the Covid-19 cases, the tourism department had imposed restrictions. But today, the tourism minister has made it clear that tourism will resume from October. Further, he has also said, people should follow all the Covid-19 norms while visiting any part of Odisha.

COVID Patients in Balangir are Visiting Chhattisgarh to Avail of Corona Treatment!

COVID patients from Balangir are going to Chhattisgarh to avail of Covid-19 treatment. As per the report, the patients are not getting beds in COVID hospitals. So, they are visiting Chhattisgarh to avail of Covid-19 treatment. Further, the patients from Balangir have also said that they are getting supreme treatment at hotels in Raipur. 

The Wife of the Deputy Collector Lodged an FIR for Physical Violence against her Husband!

Earlier today, the wife of a deputy collector complained about physical violence. In the complaint, she has stated that her husband, a deputy collector, is torturing her physically. She has also made a statement that her husband is having a physical relationship with many other women. She has also created a video of her husband in a sting operation.

Khordha Administration Declares Nijigarh of Tapang as a Restricted Area!

This Sunday, Khordha Administration declares newly emerged tourist attraction Nijigarh, Tapang, as a prohibited area. The area was a new hangout place for youth. But earlier today, the Khordha administration declares it as prohibited as it poses a danger. There are several undetonated dynamites that can pose a threat to the lives of tourists. 

Radio Pathshala to Start from 28th September

The state government announces a syllabus based radio program that will educate the students of Odisha. To make sure that the education of the students, the government has initiated this radio program. The program will start on 28th September and will cover the complete syllabus. Students who can’t afford smartphones and online classes can attend these radio classes.

State’s Monsoon Assembly to Start from 29th September

The monsoon assembly of the state will start on 29th September. The state before that conducted the Covod-19 tests for all those will participate in the assembly. As per the reports, 175 have been found positive. The test was for all the ministers, including the media house representatives, who will participate in the monsoon assembly.