Odisha govt provides uniform to 14.83 lakh pre-school children on Gandhi Jayanti as per the government. The Odisha Government has distributed two sets of uniforms to the students of Anganwadi as per the color composition. As per the government, 61,040 centers of Anganwadi has been provided such uniforms to motivate the students.

Sweet Sellers in Odisha Urged to withdraw FSSAI’s ‘Best Before Date’ Rule

UMBS, the leading association, scheduled a meeting with the members to discuss all the issues and to look over the demand for the withdrawal of best before date rule. The FSSAI, state government, and the Food Commissioner had discussed it in the meeting, as per the report given by the media.

Odisha’s Women and Child Development Minister, Tukuni Sahu, Tested Positive for COVID

Tukuni Sahu, the fifth minister of Odisha, tested positive after Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi, Susanta Singh, and Arun Kumar. She had mentioned though I have tested corona positive and in-home isolation, I request those who come in contact with me in last few days are requested to get themselves tested as required at any time.

Nonagenarian from Sambalpur District Combat the COVID Battle

A Ninety-year-old Shehnaz Begum’s immune power and the efforts of health care team, mixed effort, and fortune made her win the battle against Covid-19. Her son said that it was a very rare case and the credit of her recovery goes to the doctors and the team who treated her.

Vehicle Sales Uplifted by Twenty to Twenty-four percent in September in Odisha

The state government recorded sales of forty-five thousand to fifty thousand approximately number of vehicles in September. After liftmen of pandemic situation, the vehicle deals had risen almost 30-40% by June, July till present month. Almost fifty thousand vehicles were included in the list of transportation and in-vehicle group.

Rise in Sexual Abuse with Minors in this Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has also led to increased sexual harassment & violence against minors, as the data. According to reports, within April 27 and September 30, about 27-30 minor girls have reportedly been sexually abused in the district. The government will take major action against it was said by the authorities.

Odisha Reported 3,053 new COVID-19 Cases, 17 Deaths

3,053 cases in COVID now has been reported, with 17 deaths and 4,048 recoveries. With an increase in the 1,069 deaths rate reported in the last 24hrs, the COVID till affected 1 lakh in India on Saturday as per the Health Ministry of Welfare and Family report and data analysis team.