Low-Pressure Warning has been issued once again from the 9th of October in Odisha by the Weather and Climate Department. Most of the regions of Odisha are under a red warning for experiencing heavy rainfall.

Balasore Soro Station Has got Their Foot Overbridge Broken

Soro Station of Balasore has a damaged foot overbridge that might have caused severe accidents. After the overbridge collapsed, DRM saw the condition and the repair work commenced immediately to get it rectified to avoid accidents in the railway station. 

Big Strike in Front of Puri Shri Mandir for Re-opening of the Temple with Guidelines

The caretakers of Lord Jagannath are requesting the government to open the Puri Shri Mandir to allow only 50 members inside the temple at a time. They also request that there must be four doctors present inside the temple at all times. With these demands, the people of Puri are on strike right in front of the temple. 

Police Commissioner on a Round to Bapuji Nagar for Checking Whether COVID Guidelines are being Implemented or Not

Police Commissioner went on a round to Bapuji Nagar of Bhubaneswar to check whether al the COVID guidelines are being implemented properly or not. As Durga Puja is near, the COVID guidelines are being checked more strictly. Social distancing is being emphasized more now.

A Young Physically Challenged Girl of Kandhamal named Sunili has Received help from the Government to Start her Education

Sunili Digah, a young, physically challenged girl who is a good dancer, is now offered a wheel chair, books, and a uniform for studying in a normal school. The government has extended its helping hand to help this little girl to study and achieve her dreams in life. 

A Common Man Beaten Up by Police for not Wearing Mask Properly

A common man in Puri was pulled over by Police for not wearing a mask properly. He was asked for a fine of Rs.500 at first, but then the police took him to the station and beat him for no reason. Later, his wife came to the station and found the policemen not wearing masks themselves. This brutal behavior by Police is not at all acceptable. 

Tobacco Factory in Old Bazar, Bhadrak Sealed for Manufacturing Fake Tobacco

The Tobacco Factory in Old Bazar Bhadrak has been sealed for manufacturing and selling fake Tobacco to people. There are chemical compositions found in the Tobacco. After finding the new police did put a raid on the factory and arrested the culprits.