Even after the month of a flood, the life of the affected has not been solved. People are living under the polythene sheds in Kendrapara, Derabish block. Life is getting worst over time, and they are expecting help from Government to revive their conditions. 

Puri Pattachitra Artists are Struggling for Earning their Living as No Tourists are Visiting Amidst Corona

The famous Pattachitra artists of Puri are struggling to earn their living due to the Corona crisis. The tourists are not visiting amidst the pandemic, and as there is no purchase, the Puri artists are suffering from the financial crisis. 

The Devotees and Priests are Showing their Distress Over Lockdown of Temples

The devotees and priests are protesting with bells and drums for reopening of the temples around the state. People are saying that everything has re-opened except the temples. The protest might pass on this urge to the Government. 

Crops Eaten Away by Pests and Insects in Boudha, Harbhanga Block of Odisha

Amidst the rain, the farmers are suffering as the crops are eaten away by the insects that are a situation of concern. The farmers of Boudha, Harbhanga Block of Odisha are quite tensed at the moment as entire crops on acres of lands are destroyed. 

Samantarapur Sweet Shopkeeper Murder Case Mystery Unsolved, Questions on CP

Samantarapur Sweet Shopkeeper Murder case criminal is yet not taken into custody. The Commissionerate of Police has been asked questions, and his answers are not justifying at all. The authorities claim that they are trying their best to get hold of the murderer soon. 

Dhenkanal Elephant Eradication Work will be Easier with New Airavat Vehicle

To eradicate the elephants time over time in Dhenkanal, Airavat vehicle, worth of Rs.21 lakhs is designated for doing the needful for eradicating wild elephants from the mainlands. This new vehicle Is equipped with modern technologies to help do the needful. 

All Panchayats will be Provided with High-Speed Internet

All the Panchayats will be equipped with high-speed internet for several valid reasons. The authorities have signed a proposal to complete the work by the end of April 2021 for ensuring that the Panchayats will get high-speed internet access.