How to Drive Safely in Odisha Road?


    Road safety measures to be followed while driving on Odisha roads

    Odisha, situated in the southeastern coastal region of India, is the 11th populated state of the country. It has medium to high traffic on the roads. Even though people tend to follow the basic traffic rules and maintain proper safety measures while driving, but there are still some ignorant individuals who are simply a nuisance to deal with. However, that is the case in almost every state of India. The government of Odisha has generated mandatory traffic rules for the inhabitants to follow, which can be easily accessed through their websites.

    Now let’s focus on how to drive safely on Odisha roads

    1. First and foremost, never use a mobile phone while driving. That is a complete no. It deals with drastic mishaps.
    2. You should always stick to speed limits. The youngsters need to keep this in mind. Not only do they put their lives at risk, but others as well.
    3. While driving four-wheelers or big vehicles like bus or trucks, it is compulsory to put on the seat belt. Both the driver and the person sitting adjacent to him/her should wear the seat belt.
    4. Never drink and drive. This is very dangerous for the driver and the other people on the road.
    5. Driving a vehicle is responsible for work. Hence, the concerned individual must take extra precaution and care about senior citizens, kids and children, pedestrians and any physically disabled persons.
    6. Even the cyclists and pedestrians should maintain the traffic rules and cycle or walk in accordance to them.
    7. It is a must to look out, anticipate and observe other road users. Be alert always while driving. You can’t take any risks.
    8. If you are tired or sleepy or having any health issues, it is advised not to drive on roads. You can ask anyone to drop or pick you up from the desired destination. You can anytime take public transport like buses, auto-rickshaws etc.
    9. Last but not least; you need to follow all the road signs. That is a must.

    These are a few essential points to be kept in mind while driving on Odisha roads, or be it any road in general. Drive smart and be safe!