There was a serious ill-management in the Bhawanipatna Hospital for dealing with a COVID patient. The ambulance did not arrive until 4 hours after the family reported a medical emergency. Due to the delay, the COVID patient died, and the family is now protesting right in front of the hospital. The authorities say the treatment was provided. 

Even after 2 years of Titli Cyclone, the Residents of Gajapati Rayagada Block have not yet Received Relief or Assistance

Titli Cyclone caused chaos in the state of Odisha back in 2018. But, even after 2 years, some families are still facing the wrath of it. Twenty-five families of Gajapati Rayagada block are still suffering from the aftereffects of Titli without any assistance. 

Bhubaneswar ATM Loot CCTV Footage is Out – Rs. 27 Lakhs Stolen in Just 7 Minutes

CCTV camera recorded the Bhubaneswar ATM Theft scenario. Thieves used a bike as their theft vehicle and reached the ATM. They used a gas cutter for stealing Rs. 27 lakhs in just 7 minutes. Police suspect the gang is not of Bhubaneswar. 

Within Next 24 Hours, the Low Pressure Might Take the Face of Heavy Rainfall

The weather forecast team states that within the next 24 hours, the low pressure might take the face of heavy rainfall. 5 districts of Odisha are given the orange warning, whereas nine districts are given a yellow warning for experiencing heavy rainfall. The authorities request people to stay safe during the period.

COVID 19 Resulted in Taking 16 More Lives in Odisha Within 24 Hours

COVID 19 took 16 more lives in Odisha in the past 24 hours. The total deaths due to COVID in the state are now 1022. The medical experts are trying to improvise new ways to treat COVID patients to seek faster recovery. 

A Whooping Rise in COVID Cases in Past 24 Hours – 2546 New Cases Recorded

In the past 24 hours, over 2546 new positive cases have been recorded. Out of which, 1504 cases were in quarantine, while 1042 cases are local. The authorities are taking strict measures on spreading precautionary words and increasing the testing process.

Nursing Staff Death in a COVID Hospital of Rourkela Forced Other Staff Members to Protest for the Cause

The staff members said that the nurse who lost her life was not getting monetary assistance from the authorities, which resulted in death. All the other nursing staff members were protesting against it. Higher authorities came to handle the situation and control the protest situation.