As per the latest COVID statistics of Odisha, over 230,192 people have recovered from the diseases and have only 23,430 active cases with 1,040 deceased. The rate of positive results is slowing down, which is a sigh of relief for the people and the Government.

Cuttack City has witnessed a Shameful Act of Sexual Harassment & Rape

An underage girl who ran away from her house got in touch with two men who took her to their house with hope of giving her a shelter to stay. The girl was sexually harassed and raped for 22 days. Police did catch those two guys from their house, and a case has been filed.

After Deep Depression Stuck Hard to Andhra Pradesh, Few Regions of Odisha has also been Alerted for Heavy Rainfall Precautions

Deep Depression has hit Andhra Pradesh, the effect of which has impacted Odisha as well. There is a prediction of heavy rainfall for which the weather department has issued a yellow warning to 8 districts of Odisha.

Jaganath Temple of Dharakote, Odisha is Now Weakening & Breaking Apart

288 years old, Jaganath Temple of Dharakote is now losing its integrity and is breaking apart slowly. The local people have raised their voices to get some help to protect the temple and the centuries-long belief.

Two People Lost their Lives due to Deep Depression and Heavy Rainfall in Nuagarh

Due to the deep depression and heavy rainfall, two people have lost their lives in Nuagarh, Odisha. As there is still a prediction of heavy rainfall coming up, weather department again requests people to stay safe.

In 24 hours, Odisha recorded 2,423 COVID Positive Cases, which Shows a Decreasing Sign

There are 2,423 COVID positive cases recorded in the past 24 hours in Odisha. The Odisha government is trying all possible measures to increase the testing capacity and control the virus spread. The measures seem to be successful so far.

98 new COVID Positive Cases Reported only in Cuttack City Today

Out of 144 new COVID Positive Cases in Cuttack District, 98 cases are reported only from the CMC area. Out of these 98, 33 cases are from quarantine centres, 20 were home quarantine cases, and 45 are local contacts.