The education system activists and the social activists of Odisha has made opposition to the decision of state government. The state government earlier in a decision stated to close those schools that have lower student’s strength. Reacting to this decision, the social activists have opposed to the Government as most of the backward people in Odisha depends on government schools.

Cremation Restriction was Lifted at Puri Swargadwara

Viewing the rising cases of Covid-19, the state government and Puri Administration had imposed restrictions on cremation at Swargadwara. The district administration has stated that no dead bodies from outside Puri will be cremated in Swargadwara. But in a recent decision, the administration has lifted the restrictions. And this has been effective from Monday.

High Court Seeks for Government View on Private School Fee Reduction

The Odisha High court earlier on Monday asks the Government for its clarification about the recommendation of School fee reduction in Private schools. Some private school management filed a petition opposing the recommendation of Government. The Odisha High Court rejected the petition and asked the Government to clarify within seven days.

The State Government to Employ the STARS Project to Enhance Education

To enhance the education quality and facility of Odisha, the state government has taken an innovative initiative. As per the reports, state government would be implementing this project to strengthen the teaching and learning for the state. The Government would be spending INR 1,000 crore on this project.

Assistance Executive Engineer of General Public Health Division under Vigilance Scan

The Assistance executive engineer of general public health division is now under the radar of vigilance. As per the reports, he has been into the limelight for allegedly possessing disproportionate assets. Six reds have been conducted simultaneously at six of the engineer’s places. Many raids are still to be conducted at few other places as well.

Two Engines of a Train De-rails between Chandanpur and Tulasichoura

Puri: Two engines of a train has been de-railed in between Chandanpur and Tulasichoura. As per the reports, the train was moving between routes of Puri, where two of its engine de-railed suddenly. The technical team from the railway has reached the place and started working on the recovery of the train.

Two Women Suffered from Critical Burn after a Fire Breakout in Stationpada

Rourkela: Two Women have suffered from serious burn after a mishap in Stationpada of Brajrajnagar. Two of the women have been moved to Rourkela Ispat general hospital to offer critical burn treatment. As per the reports, a house in Brajrajnagar sets on fire in which two women were critically injured. Several other people also have been injured in the accident.