The devotees are not happy but are abided by the rules stated by the government for COVID on the occasion of Durga Puja. Today is Mahashtami, yet people are not allowed to go to pandals. The priests at the pandals have pulled curtains to do the necessary rituals without the presence of any devotees.

Chatar Jatra Team Reached Manikeswari Temple, Kalahandi, Bhawanipatna for organization of a Live Theatre or Popularly Known As ‘Jatra’

The Chatar Jatra team reached Manikeswari Temple in Kalahandi, Bhawanipatna, for organizing a famous Odia theatre show or popularly known as ‘Jatra”. The entire program was organized with all COVID guidelines in mind. Police enforcement was also deployed to keep an eye on the smooth execution of the program.

Possibilities of COVID Vaccine in Odisha is High, and Government has Asked for COVID Data by 25th October

The government and authorities state that there is a high chance that Odisha will develop a COVID vaccine soon. The medical experts are working on it and are giving promising statements. In the meanwhile, the Health Secretary, Government of Odisha has requested the Anganwadi workers and health workers to submit the database by 25th October.

Price Hike of Onion has been Instructed to Stop by Central Government which will be Imposed in Odisha as Well

In the past few weeks, the price of onion has increased by shocking figures, which needed a pause. The common people are suffering due to the hiked prices of onions. Therefore, for determining a solution, the central government-imposed limitations for stocking onions. The wholesalers can stock 25 metric tons of onion, and the small vendors can stock two metric tons of onions.

A Knife Stabbing Murder Case has been Registered in Dingapadi Police Station, Ganjam

A man stabbed a knife and killed another man, and ran away from the scene. The case was filed in Dingapadi Police Station, Ganjam, and the police say it is probably a revenge killing. The police are investigating the matter, and soon the murderer will be caught.

22 Elephants were Spotted in Chowdhar, Chattipath that has Scared the Villagers

The villagers are worried about their crops that might be destroyed by the elephants. Over 22 elephants were spotted near Chowdhar Chattipath. Some elephants are also spotted near Kamakhyanagar, for which the villagers are a bit worried.

1695 New Corona Cases have been Recorded within 24 Hours with 15 more Deaths

COVID Cases count is reducing every day, which is good news, but still, there are 1695 new cases reported within 24 hours, and 15 more deaths are recorded due to COVID.