Durga Astami 2020

Today is Durga Mahanavami, and due to COVID guidelines, people are requested not to visit the pandals. The authorities are strict about this rule, and the curtains have been pulled for completing the rituals to avoid the crowd outside.

Son of a Betel Shop Owner in Cuttack Topped the IISER Exam

Subhasish Behera, son of a betel shop owner in Tangi Shankarapur village of Cuttack, has topped the IISER Exam and has a dream of helping the state and country by becoming a scientist. The youngsters are booming with knowledge, which is an indication of a better future for the nation.

A Young Girl has Left Job and Started Farming on A Land of 15 Acres

A young girl has left her job life and has started to do farming on 15 acres of land. She is a girl from Dhenkanal, Parjunga Kotabahal village. She is also giving opportunities to other people for farming in the land and has become a successful farmer of the state.

Kartik Month is about to Begin, and Shree Mandir of Puri will be Vacant due to Guidelines of Corona

Kartik Month is starting in just one day, and the COVID situations have restricted the visit of people to temples. Therefore, Shree Mandir of Puri will also remain vacant during this month due to COVID guidelines imposes all around the state.

COVID Cases are Recorded with 1633 New Patients in Last 24 Hours with 16 more Deaths

COVID cases are reducing with every passing day, but the count is still not pleasing as it recorded 1633 new cases in the last 24 hours. Not just that, but 16 more people lost their lives due to the disease. The authorities are making sure to adequate all control measures.

People are Protesting Outside Puri Astaranga Police Station Related to COVID Death Case

Due to a COVID death case, some people damaged the doctor’s chamber and were doing violence, for which police came into the scene and has taken 20 people to custody. Therefore, people are protesting in front of Puri Astaranga Police Station.

Duplicate Tobacco Found in Bhadrak; the Responsible Person is Missing from the Premises

Town Police commenced with a raid on premises in Bhadrak, where they found duplicate tobacco that is usually being sold to the common public. The responsible persons in this illegal act ran from the scene when police came in for a raid.