Mahadeepa at Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneswar on the Occassion of Shivratri on March 07, 2016

The unlocking process is continuing in the country. But as per the Covid guidelines, temples of the state are still prohibited for all the bhakts. So, opposing this decision, servitors from several parts of Odisha are protesting for the temple’s re-opening. The servitor’s life depends upon the earnings that they get in temple Puja. So, they are demanding the temples be opened.

Two Minor Sisters Lose their Life to a Snake Bite

Subarnapur: Two minor girls lose their life after being bitten by a snake. As per the sources, both sisters were sleeping at their home in Panchamahala Village under Ulunda police station’s policy limits. The snake hit bitten both the sisters in which both of them have died. This incident has spread a threat of snakes among villagers.

The Winter Assembly to be Started before 31st December

Bhubaneswar: The winter assembly to sit before 31st December. The office of the secretariat has confirmed this. This assembly would be more crucial as it will witness many important decisions to be taken. As per the reports, the governor will decide about the members’ participation in the winter assembly.

A Woman Abused in front of her Husband in a Dhaba 

A shameful incident took place in a Dhaba in Bhubaneswar. as per the reports, a couple worked in a Dhaba situated in Master canteen square. The manager has allegedly raped the woman. And when the husband went to stop, the manager of the Dhaba threatened him. The capital police station has already arrested the manager of the Dhaba.

1540 New Positive Cases Recorded in the State

The state records 1540 new positive cases today. In a series of tweets, Odisha’s information and public relations department has announced the newly emerged Covid cases in the state. Khordha again records the highest number of cases with 208 new positives, while Sundergarh bags the second position with 111 new cases.

Exam to Promote the Constables to take place after 18 Years

The DGP of Odisha Police has stated an invitation to all eligible constables to participate in examination to get promoted. This exam will promote all the constables to a higher rank. As per the reports, the exam is commencing after a huge gap of 18 years. The constables who have completed seven years can participate in this exam.

Twelve COVID Patients Succumb to Death in Covid-19

Bhubaneswar: twelve more people lose their life fighting with Covid-19. The health and welfare department of Odisha has informed about the death cases in a series of tweets. In which twelve people recorded as dead from several parts of Odisha. Most of the patients were also suffering from diabetes, Hypertension, and Mellitus.