The Famous Balijatra of Cuttack has been Cancelled this Year due to the COVID 19 Pandemic


District Collector of Cuttack denied conducting the famous Balijatra this year in Cuttack due to the risk of COVID 19. Balijatra is known to witness an enormous crowd, and this year, social distancing can now be hampered with known decisions. Therefore, the authorities have called it off. 

Winter has Arrived from Today as 4 Districts of Odisha was Recorded to have 15 Degrees Temperature

Winter has now entered the state as four districts have recorded to have 15-degree temperature today. Along with that, Sonepur recorded to have a 12.8-degree temperature. The weather department predicts that this year winter will be on its full might. 

Parents Sold their Son for Rs. 15,000 as they couldn’t Afford his Study Expenses

This is the case of Charmal, Sambalpur, where parents sold their child for a mere Rs.15,000. They say that they did it with a heavy heart because they could no longer afford the child’s expenses. The kid is now safe with the authorities, and they are taking good care.

Honey Bee attacks a Video Shooting Team at Mayurbhanj Injuring 6 People

A group of video shooting professionals was out for capturing the scenic beauty in Mayurbhanj Bangriposi Ghati. They encountered a honey bee attack that got them injured. Out of them, six are injured, and one is in very serious condition. The fire service team came to the rescue and took a serious patient to the hospital. 

The Day of Gajalaxmi Puja has Begun, and due to COVID Guidelines Strict Measures have been Imposed

Laxmi Puja has begun, and due to COVID guidelines, only 7 people are allowed to be in the pandals to prevent the spread of the virus. The authorities have also stated that no locals will be allowed this year to the pandals for seeing the idol of Maa Laxmi. 

Nagarjuna Besa Niti of Lord Jagannath has been Permitted to Conduct within the Temple in Puri

The authorities have permitted the Nagarjuna Besa Niti of Lord Jagannath to conduct the rituals within Shree Mandir. The devotees are requested not to crowd the temple and fast by staying at home with utmost devotion. 

OPD of BBSR AIIMS will Reopen on 2nd November with Some Strict Guidelines

Due to COVID 19 situation worldwide, BBSR AIIMS did shut down its OPD department in July. When the situations seem a bit under control, AIIMS has decided to reopen the department with restrictions to check only 30 patients in a day.