Winter has Arrived in the State and the Mornings are Chilly with Fog all Over


Odisha is witnessing the start of the winter season. The mornings are foggy, and the temperature is expected to fall even low in the coming months. There is a medium-pace gush of wind in the evenings that is giving a cold sensation. 

Kandhamal Ganjam Border has Witnessed Gun Fight of Police & Fire Service Men with Maoists

There was a gunfight in Kandhamal Ganjam border with Maoists. Police & Fire Servicemen put up an intense battle and seized many illegal weapons and items from the Maoists gang. 

Today is Kumarpurnima & All Girls will Worship Sun & Moon

Today is the day of Kumarpurnima, and the young girls are worshipping the sun in the day time and are waiting for the moon in the evening to complete the rituals and pray for getting an ideal husband in the future. The people of Odisha are happy to celebrate this at the ease of their home without any pandemic-restrictions. 

The Elephants of Jharkhand have Entered Nilgiri, Balasore and Damaged the Crops of Gopalpur

A group of elephants have entered Nilgiri Balasore and made their way to Gopalpur, where they destroyed the crops in the farming lands. The authorities say that the elephants came from Jharkhand, and the situation is now being taken under control. 

Union Bank Loot in Rairakhol, Kadaligarh has Sent the Bank Authorities into Shock

Union Bank of Rairakhol, Kadaligarh, has been looted by using a window cutter for creating an entry passage. The bank authorities say that the thief was successful in stealing the money, and the police authorities are now running an investigation to catch the thief. 

The Artists of Odisha are Protesting as they are not Getting Opportunities Due to COVID

Artists of all types are protesting in the state for not getting opportunities to perform and earn. They also mention that melody is being organized for election rallies, and no opportunities are given to other such artists in the state. They are demanding an answer from the government.

20 Acres Land of Ekamra Kanan Park, BBSR is to be Handed over to the General Administration Department

The 20 acres of land of Ekamra Kanan Park, BBSR, will be handed over to the General Administration Department. Government has proposed an idea to construct high-rise buildings in that area.