An Employee of Delhi Zoo Bathing Elephants

A group of elephants destroyed the farms in Keonjhar. Due to elephants’ fear, many farmers have already cut their crops before time to ensure that they do not get destroyed by the elephants.

COVID took Life of another 11 Patients in the State within 24 Hours

Sadly, COVID has taken the life of another 11 patients in the state within the last 24 hours. The state has shown immense regret and sorrow towards the families of those patients. As the COVID cases are decreasing every day, every single death affects people’s minds adversely.

New Positive Cases have been Recorded to be 1709 within 24 Hours

1709 new cases have been recorded within 24 hours in Odisha, out of which 985 cases were in quarantine, and 724 were local contacts. The state has imposed certain guidelines on various activities to ensure that the spread is contained.

Similipal Nature Camps Reopened with the Condition for Visitors to Follow COVID Guidelines

Similipal Nature Camps, Odisha has been reopened today, and the people are requested to follow all the guidelines on priority for enjoying the scenic beauty of the location. The authorities are ready to take some strict measures if the rules are violated.

Kartika Month has Begun and due to COVID Guidelines Devotees will not be able to See & Worship Lord Jagannath this Year

The month of devotion, Kartika, has begun, and the devotees are seen standing outside the Puri temple and joining hands to satisfy their inner soul. Due to the COVID guidelines, the devotees will have to stay deprived of the sight of Lord Jagannath this year.

Police in Koraput, Malkangiri, have Seized weed worth Rs. 1.5 Crores

Police have seized weed of over Rs.1.5 crores in Koraput, Malkangiri. People threw away the weed sacks and ran away. By doing further investigation, the police also found a garden full of weed plantations.

IPL Betting Group has been Arrested in Sambalpur | Police has Seized Several Mobile Phones and Some Cash

IPL Betting team has been arrested in Sambalpur. The gang was doing online betting while police raided the location. Five people have been arrested in the case with a lot of cash and several mobile phones.