Khordha district reported 142 new cases within the past 24 hours. The total COVID cases reported within the past 24 hours in Odisha are 1389. Out of which, 798 are from quarantine centers, and 591 are local cases.

A Rajgangpur Man Returns to Odisha after Spending 25 years in Pakistan Jail

A man from Rajgangpur was held captive for 25 years in Pakistan’s Jail and has returned to his state. His medication conditions were not good, so he was sent to a hospital in Amritsar for further treatments.

Odisha Reports 9 New Deaths due to COVID 19 in the Past 24 Hours

The death count is 9 for the date within 24 hours due to COVID 19. Including these figures, the total death count in the state rises to 1340. As the cases are recorded low every passing day, the authority’s main intention is to suppress the death counts by giving ideal treatment to the patients.

Governor of Odisha is Admitted to the Hospital for Ill Health and is COVID Positive

The Governor of Odisha, Professor Shri Ganeshi Lal, has been admitted to a hospital due to ill health. After the tests are done, the doctors have confirmed that he is positive for COVID 19. The doctors are assigned to take proper care of him, and Odisha people wish him a speedy recovery.

A Bus Coming from Sambalpur Hirakud Met with an Accident and got 25 People Injured

A bus coming from Sambalpur collided with the standing Toyota Innova at the roadside near Boudh. The bus driver and conductor died on the spot, and 25 passengers got injured in this mishap. The injured are taken to the hospital for necessary treatment.

Double Refund Fraud in Bhadrak has Put to an End by the Police

Police arrest two men in Bhadrak, Odisha, for issuing Double Refund schemes to people. They asked people to deposit Rs.10 Lakhs to get Rs.20 Lakhs in return. Police got hints and arrested these two members of the big fraud gang. Further investigations are being done as well.

Pre-Poll Violence Resulted in Critical Situation of 2 People in Balasore

As the polls are in, the pre-poll violence did cause a big chaos. As a result, two people are critically injured and are being treated in the hospital. Doctors are trying their best to bring them back to good health.