Winter has entered the state, and the temperature has started to fall in the evening hours with a cold breeze. As per the weather report given by the department, there is a prediction for a fall of up to 5 degrees Celsius in the coming few days.

Weed Mafia are Taking over the State, Weed of Worth 1 Crore has been Seized from Rayagada

The gang of Weed mafia is causing trouble in the state as there are many such cases reported in the past few weeks. This time, police seized weed worth of crore in Rayagada in a truck. The truck drivers galloped from the spot, but the police are searching for them with all efforts.

Firecracker Factory in Ganjam was Raided, and Police Seized Crackers of Worth Rs.70 Lakhs

Due to the recent notice given by the government of Odisha for not selling or burning firecrackers in the state this Diwali, police have started a strict search for the ones violating this rule. Following the search, police seized Weed worth Rs.70 lakhs from the factory in Ganjam.

COVID Graph is experiencing a Downfall with Higher Recovery Rate

The COVID situation in the state is seen to be in control as the recovery rate has increased, and over 287k people have recovered by now. The daily cases are also reducing as there are 1219 positive cases recorded within 24 hours.

1219 Positive Cases Recorded in the State for COVID which is a Reducing Figure as Compared to Previous Figures

As per the reports on the 8th of November, the COVID cases have dropped, and the record says there are only 1219 positive cases in the past 24 hours. There are over 708 quarantine cases and 511 local contacts within the total count of positive patients.

Gajalaxmi Visarjan Rally in Dhenkanal will Commence with COVID Guidelines Imposed

Just like the Puja guidelines, the visarjan of Maa Gajalaxmi will be conducted on 9th November with all the COVID guidelines imposed. There will be no drums, no gathering, no celebrations during the rally.

Elephant Making Chaos in Khordha, Forest Department is Trying all the Measures to Contain the Elephants

Elephants are making chaos in Khordha and have damaged the nearby hospital. The forest department is trying all the possible measures to contain the situation to prevent more damage to the properties.