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The Experts say that Odisha will be Free from COVID 19 by February 2021


As Odisha’s daily cases are declining on a rapid scale, the experts have predicted that Odisha might be free from COVID 19 by February 2021. Pfizer’s Vaccine has proved to have 90% effectiveness, which is meant for ending this global health crisis soon.

A Minor Death due to Live Wire that was Laid for Hunting Wild Boars

A minor in Sonepur has been electrocuted to death by accident due to the live wire laid in the forest for hunting down the wild boars. The locals of Sonepur blame the Forest Division for this careless placement of the live wire for which life is lost today.

Bank Employees Faced a Loot of Rs 35 Lakhs on Gun Point

A group of people pointed a gun at two Union Bank employees, Laimura Branch, and looted over Rs. 35 Lakhs. The report says that six persons in total came to rob these two employees. Further report says that the employees were returning to the branch when the miscreants snatched the bag at gunpoint and galloped.

One amongst the Four in the Family who were Involved in Murderous Fight in Sambalpur Succumbed

The murderous fight amongst two families in Sambalpur got four persons of a family injured, including two women. Today, one of the four critically injured persons lost their lives due to the injuries. The other three are still in critical condition.

Sarua Studio In-charge, Anirudhha Panda who was Arrested Yesterday was Granted Bail Today

The Sarua studio in-charge, who was arrested yesterday, requested bail and was granted. The police released him on bail. Police were putting up a constant strike on OTV employees as he was the 5th OTV employee to be arrested by police.

Brown Sugar Seized of Worth Rs 3 Lakh in Jajpur, Odisha

Brown Sugar Worth Rs.3 Lakh was seized in Jajpur, Odisha, while police raided the spot. Three people were arrested for the matter, and the investigation continues to get hold of the drug mafia, who is creating chaos in the state.

BMC Proposes New Guidelines for Marriage & Funeral Ceremonies to Prevent the Possible Second Wave of COVID 19

The new guidelines by BMC for marriages and funerals states that only 100 people will be allowed to attend marriage functions while only 50 for funerals to prevent the spread of the virus. This guideline will be imposed on November 25.