The State has witnessed a dip in the Covid-19 cases. As per the reports, 986 new Covid cases have been registered in the State today! The information and public relations department has informed the news cases in a series of tweets. As per the reports, Khurdha again has registered the highest numbers of Covid positive with 986 new cases.

Criminal Escapes from the Police Custody in Cuttack

Notorious criminal Juga khan, arrested for a criminal charge, escapes from the custody of Cuttack Sadar police. As per the reports, the special squad and Cuttack Sadar police has arrested the criminal for further action. But recently, the criminal has escaped from custody. The cops are still in search of the criminal to be arrested again.

Fourteen New COVID Deaths have been Reported in the State

Fourteen new Covid deaths have been registered in the State today. Odisha’s health and family welfare department has informed the new death cases in a series of tweets. As per the reports, the deaths have been reported from Khurdha District itself, from which two patients are reportedly from Bhubaneswar.

Two Government Clerks are in the Focus of the Vigilance Department

The Vigilance department today has conducted raids at six places simultaneously! As per the reports, two government clerks are on the net of the Vigilance department. A junior clerk at Dharmasala Sub-registrar Ratnakar Mohanty and Udaynath Jena, a senior clerk at sub-division Bhubaneswar, are those two names who have been taken into the custody of Vigilance.

Mother and Son Die in a Tragic Accident at Khantapada, Sora

A mother and her boy died in a tragic scooty accident at Sora, Khantapada, today. As per the reports, a couple, along with their son, was traveling in the scooty. But in an unfortunate accident, mother, along with her son, lost lives at the spot, while man has been admitted to hospital in severe condition.

Six Members of a Family were Murdered at Patnagarh

Six members of a family have been ruthlessly killed. As per the reports, six family members were murdered earlier, and the cops have started the investigations. But five sons of the family who were staying away have come today. Reportedly, they would help the cops to identify the murderer!

Ten Students from Odisha’s School have been selected for NASA Rover Challenge 2021

For the first time in Odisha, a ten-member crew from Odisha’s school has been selected to participate in NASA’s Human exploration rover challenge of 2021. As per the reports, the founder of Navonmesh Prasar Student Astronomy Team, Anil Pradhan, has formed a crew of ten students who will take part in this challenge.